IFAC Workshop on
Advanced Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing






Paper Submission

Technical Program




  Technical Program

Preliminary Program

Day 1 Program (4 Dec 06)




Statistical characterization and control of a semiconductor process
Thong Ngee Goh
National University of Singapore


Tea Break


Statistical characterization and control of a semiconductor process (cont.)
Thong Ngee Goh
National University of Singapore




Keynote Addresses and Invited Papers


Keynote 1: 300mm e-Manufacturing
KC Ang, Senior Vice President, Fab Operations, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Singapore


Keynote 2: Run to Run Control, Sampling, and Performance Monitoring for High Mix Fabs
Thomas Edgar, University of Texas, Austin, USA


Tea Break


Invited Paper 1: Use of Model Based Iterative Learning Control for Ensuring Wafer Temperature Uniformity in Rapid Thermal Processing Systems
Jay H Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Kwang Soon Lee, Sogang University, Korea


Invited Paper 2: A Methodology for ROI Analysis of Run-to-Run Control Solutions
James Moyne, Brooks Software, Michigan, USA




Day 2 Program (5 Dec 06)


Invited Papers


Invited Paper 3: Fab-wide Control of Electrical Parameters
Joe Qin, University of Texas, Austin, USA


Tea Break


Session 1: Run-to-Run Control

Session 2: Fault Detection & Classification


Mixed Products Run-to-Run Process Control An Ancova Model Based Control Approach
Min-fung Wu,  Shi Shang Jang, David Shan Hill Wong
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Comparison of Multivariate and Univariate Methods for Fault Detection of a Via Etch Process
Gerhad Spitzlsperger, Carsten Schmidt, Matthias Frick
Renesas Semiconductor Europe (Landshut) GmbH, Germany


Combined Parameter and State Estimation for R2R Control of CMP
Keith Edwards, Jianping Zou, Tony Mullins
Brooks Automation, Inc., Arizona, USA

Multivariable Fault Detections within Wafers Based on Statistical Analysis of Dynamic Process Data
Bo-Yan Jou, Sheng Tsaing Tseng, David Shun-Hill Wong, Shi Shang Jang
National Tsing-Hua University, Hsin Chu Taiwan


Robust Forecast & Run-to-Run Control for processes with Linear Drift
1Kiew Choon Meng, 2Jay H Lee,
1National University of Singapore
2Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

A Comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Model for Equipment Maintenance in the Semiconductor Industry

Cher Ming Tan, Nagarajan Raghavan

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

11:00-11:20am One-step forward from R2R CD control APC: APC for across-wafer level CD Control
Qiaolin Zhang1, Kameshwar Poolla2, Costa J. Spanos2
1Synopsys Inc., 2University of California, Berkeley




Session 3: Modeling and Control

Session 4: Mechatronics


Oxide HDP-CVD Modelling for Shallow Trench Isolation
Djaffar Belharet1, Philippe Collot1, Pascal Fornara2, Jacques Pinaton2, Joel Cholvy2, Agnes Roussy1
Ecole Nationale superieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne, France
STMicroelectronics, France  

Identifications of the PZT Actuated Novel Optical Scanning System
Yea-Chin Yeh, Chun-Hung Liu, Kuen-Yu Tsai, Yu-Chen Kung, Jia-Yush Yen, Jyh-Fa Lee
National Taiwan University



Real-Time Cleaning Process Monitor by QMS in Dielectric CVD Process
Chi-Hsuan Hsieh, Chien Kang Kao, Chia Ming Kuo, Pen Yi Chiang
ProMOS Technologies Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan

Dynamic Characterization of a Scanning Optical Microscope System with Active Vibration Control
H.Z. Li1, W. Lin1, Y.P. Leow2, L.S. Koh3
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
2Akribis Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore
3SEMICAPS Pte Ltd, Singapore


On the Modeling and Closed Loop Control of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Chamber
Bernard Keville1, Petar Iordanov1, John Ringwood1, Sean Doherty1, Ronan Faulkner2, Felipe Soberon2, Angus McCarter2
National University of Ireland, Ireland
Dublin City University, Ireland

Dynamic Modeling and Adaptive Control of a H-type Gantry stage
1C.S. Teo, 1K.K. Tan, 1S. Huang and 2S.Y. Lim
1National University of Singapore
2Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology


Control of Spatially Non-Uniform Films in Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor Systems

Raymond A. Adomitis, Rinku P. Parikh, Ramaswamy Sreenivasan

University of Maryland, USA

Feedback Control of Piezo-Based Nanopositioning Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Chun-Hung Liu1, Yea-Chin Yeh1, Kuen-Yu Tsai1, Jia-Yush Yen1, Arthur Tay2, Jyh-Fa Lee1
National Taiwan University
National University of Singapore

Tea Break

  Session 5: Factory Automation Session 6: Process Monitoring and Control


Active Automation Solution for Cycle Time Reduction in 300 mm Wafer Foundry
Mohd Azizi Chik, Ung Tin Tin, Thangappan Krisnamuthi, Lim Kian Wee, Lai Wanfeng
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., Singapore

An Air-Flow based Wafer Bake system for Improved Temperature Uniformity
Wang Lan1, Loh Ai Poh1, Gong ZhiMing2, Chow Siew Loong2
1National University of Singapore
2Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology


Multi-Zone Thermal System in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Gross Error Treatment
Keck Voon Ling1, Han Yan2, Jose Romagnoli3, Weng Khuen HO2, Yen Yen Joe2
1Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2National University of Singapore
3Louisiana State University

Reduction of Active Liner Voids for 65nm FEOL STI Module
Emily YL Lim, Joyce SH Toh, Victor SK Lim
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited, Singapore


Fab Wide Feed-Forward and Feedback Gate Length Advanced Process Control
P. P. Lau1, C. K. Wong1, S. Y. Ling1, J. Chaw1, S. Kumara1, C. A. Bode2
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd, Singapore
Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, Texas, USA

Critical Dimension Uniformity in Lithography: In-situ Thermal Compensation
WengKhuen Ho, Arthur Tay, Fu Jun, Chen Ming
National University of Singapore



Integrated Interface Development for Real-Time Semiconductor Tool Control
Janathan, Chang Yung Cheng, Fan Tien Cheng, Hsein Cheng Huang
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

On Die, Multiple-Thickness, Every Wafer Measurement for BPSG Processes
Ying Wang
Tevet Process Control Technologies, Pleasanton, CA, USA