IFAC Workshop on
Advanced Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing






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The IFAC workshop on Advanced Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing 2006 will focus on the critical issues in control of semiconductor manufacturing identified in the reports Future Directions in Control, Dynamics and Systems (http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~murray/cdspanel/) and the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) (http://public.itrs.net).

As described in ITRS, high performance feedback control will be needed to achieve the small length scales required for the next generation of microelectronic devices that are predicted (and hence demanded) by Moore’s Law.

At the tool and process level, there are new methods and capabilities required to effectively use process and product measurements to impart control. Advanced process control addresses the use of sensors, metrology, and algorithms to monitor equipment, processes and products to provide actionable information for maintenance and control. The successful application of advanced process control in semiconductor manufacturing draws from the domain expertise of multiple disciplines that are typically responsible for delivering separate elements of the complete solution such as IT/Factory Automation, Process Technology, Control Engineering, Yield Management, Metrology, etc.

Topics Of Special Interest

  • Process Control
  • Equipment Control
  • Equipment and Process Monitoring
  • Integrated Metrology
  • Fault Detection and Classification
  • Process Modelling and Optimization
  • Data Management
  • Run-to-run Control